Diagnose auto repair

Nearly 25% of cars inspected need some type of maintenance or repair, according to the Car Care Council. Often drivers aren’t even aware of needed maintenance unless the dash lights come on. Soon your smartphone may be able to help diagnose what your car needs by listening to it.

Diagnose Auto RepairDiagnose your car with an app

A team at MIT has created software that analyzes the vibrations and sounds from a vehicle and identifies maintenance that needs to be done. The goal is to make the app available for smart phones in less than 2 years.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Soon your phone will listen to your car

Soon your phone will listen to your car

By listening to the sounds made by the engine, the app can hear changes indicating the air filter is becoming clogged. The sounds made as the filter clogs are a whistling sound that your smart phone can pick up even if the human ear can’t hear it.

How it works

GPS data is used to determine vehicle speed.  The phone’s microphone and accelerometer are used to gather information about the car.

Speed and vibration together are used by the app to sense tire conditions. Tire baldness or over inflation are two conditions that the app could detect.replica watches

MIT App Listens for a Car’s Plea for Maintenance

Whether in-car sensors, your own observations, or your smart phone alerts you that preventive maintenance is needed, AATEC’s line of professional tools including Tire Changers, Testers & Meters, Wheel Balancers, and Service Parts is ready to make the repair.

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