OBD II Pro Plus &
Auto Enginuity Tools

AutoEnginuity OBD II Pro PlusGet the  AATEC Exclusive Bundle!

The OBD II Pro Plus includes the AutoEnginuity Scan Tool, A Tablet, WiFi Connector and ALL Modules Enhanced on Domestic, Asian, European, Hybrid and Diesel Coverage

AutoEnginuity's Scan Tool was named a Top 20 Motor Tool in 2015

AutoEnginuity’s Scan Tool was named a Top 20 Motor Tool in 2015

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The OBD II Pro Plus Powered by the Auto Enginuity Scan Tool comes complete with everything the professional mechanic needs for easy, powerful, and accurate diagnostics!

OBD II Pro Plus & AutoEnginuity’s® Scan Tools are professional Windows® PC diagnostics scan tool for all OBDII (OBD2) and EOBD IV+ compliant vehicles.

The ScanTools allow you to read your vehicle’s diagnostic trouble codes, live vehicle sensors (including wide-band O2 sensors), and inspection/maintenance system test results to quickly determine what service the vehicle requires. Our scan tool now supports CAN.

Providing enhanced coverage options for
48 car brands!

Our enhanced expansions provide access to ABS, airbag, enhanced powertrain, instrument cluster, transmission, and dozens of other body and chassis controllers. The depth of coverage consists of live data, bi-directional controls, adaptive resets and learns, system tests, and trouble code retrieval and clearing.

What OBD II Pro Plus‘s ScanTool can do:

  • Read Stored and Pending P, U, B, C Trouble Codes (including 50,000+ manufacturer specific codes)
  • Read and clear Freeze Frame data
    AutoEnginuity Scan Tool Software
  • Clear the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon indicator
  • View live vehicle sensors in a meter , graph , and grid format
  • View oxygen sensor live data and test results
  • View all 11 Inspection/Maintenance systems and Mode 6 data.
  • Unlimited logging of live vehicle sensors in XML or CSV (1ms logging accuracy).
  • Playback your data logs for offline analysis.
  • Run and query specific component and system tests. Support for generic and enhanced bi-directional tests.
  • Configure your sensors’ ranges, scaling value, audible alert triggers, units, and sampling rate.
  • Read the ECM ID, calibration, and calibration verification IDs from all reporting ECMs.
  • View generic and manufacturer enhanced data on the same tool
  • Configure the interface to suit your preferences
  • Supports: 1996 and newer passenger vehicles whether it be domestic, Asian, or European.
    SAE interfaces: J1850 (PWM and VPM), ISO-9141-2, ISO-14230 [KWP2000], and CAN [11Bit and 29Bit]

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