Maintenance prevents breakdowns

It’s Fall Car Care Month.  Routine car maintenance saves money, avoids breakdowns, and keeps your car running smoother, longer.

routine auto maintenance saves money and prevents breakdowns

photo by carcarecouncil

Many routine care steps are simple and inexpensive — and overlooked!  Fluids and lubricants rank among the most neglected items when it comes to basic auto care.

According to Car Care Council, nearly a quarter of inspected cars had low or contaminated engine oil. Neglecting engine oil changes can lead to expensive repairs. Good news – Using the grade of motor oil recommended by the manufacturer can improve gas mileage by 1 – 2%.

Windshield fluid is another item overlooked – until the downpour happens. 26% of inspected vehicles had low or contaminated windshield fluid. But not all windshield fluids are the same. Be sure to choose one formulated for your climate.

Belts and hoses are another area to check periodically.  Car Care Council says 18% of inspected cars had unsatisfactory belts and 12% of cars needed a new hose.

Tires should be visually inspected by drivers on a regular basis. Check for unusual wear, foreign objects, and air level. Rotate tires every 5000 to 7000 miles to promote Perform Routine Maintenance During Car Care Monthuniform tire wear.  Cooler weather also affects your tires. Colder fall and winter weather significantly lower your tire pressure. For most accurate results, check tire pressure in the morning when tires are cold.

Is there a musty smell in your car? It could be a dirty or clogged cabin air filter.  Replace filters – don’t try to clean them.

And don’t forget the battery – check the battery and battery connections. Connections should be clean, tight, and corrosion-free.

These routine maintenance tips can help you keep your car on the road.  Enjoy the fall weather during drives, not stuck on the side of the road.replica watches

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