ATO1000 Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope

Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope ATO1000

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Powerful, Portable, Feature-Rich & a Great Price!

The ATO1000 is a battery-powered portable 4 Channel handheld automotive oscilloscope equipped with many diagnostic presets, robust signal analysis, with a user-friendly, full-touch interface package.

Why Choose the Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope?

Download PDF Brochure

Download PDF Brochure

  • Practicality: Battery-powered, Portable, Large 8″ Screen display, no laptop needed, all-in-one unit, perfect for fieldwork
  • User-friendly: Numerous auto-diagnostic software presets, full
    touch screen operation, pop-up menus, one-click to get signals
  • Performance: Robust hardware, high-level specifications.
    Professional R&D team, world’s first tablet touchscreen oscilloscope
  • Compatibility: Not only for car diagnostics but also for motorcycles,
    heavy truck & all the other general electric signal testing
  • Free software update + PC & Mobile remote control + HDMI
    perfect for training & education
  • Affordable pricing, a revolutionary auto-diagnostic tool for future
  • Flexible: Use the Tablet OR download the free software to use on a PC, Android, or Apple Phone
  • Storage: Easy to store waveforms as pictures or video, Playback videos
  • Rising Star in Auto Diagnostic Tools: 100% positive user feedback to date.



Bandwidth 100MHz
Analog Channel  4
Real-time sample rate 1GSa/S(single channel)
Memory depth 28Mpts(single channel)
Support test Charging circuit, starter circuit, sensor, actuator, ignition test, communication test (including CAN, LIN, Flexray, K, etc.), pressure test (cylinder pressure, intake and exhaust pressure, fuel pressure, etc.)
Bandwidth limitation Full bandwidth, low pass
I/O port Wifi、LAN、HDMI、USB Host、USB Device、GND、DC Power
Display 8″ Industry TFT LCD touchable capacitive screen, resolution: 800*600 pixels, 14*10 grids


ATO1000 Performs Ignition and Actuator Test

[/media-credit] ATO1000 Performs Ignition and Actuator Test


ATO1000 Performs Many Sensor Tests

[/media-credit] ATO1000 Performs Many Sensor Tests


ATO1000 Tests Networks & Charging Start Circuits

[/media-credit] ATO1000 Tests Networks & Charging Start Circuits


ATO1000 Performs Pressure test and more

[/media-credit] ATO1000 Performs Pressure tests and more


ATO1000 Scene Application

[/media-credit] ATO1000 Scene Application

ATO1000 Standard Accessories

AATEC | AATECUSA Call 330-239-1647

Standard Accessories

P130A 200MHZ X 10 Passive Probes: 2pcs for 2 /4 channel 10X Input capacitance: 14.5pF-17.5pF, 10X Input Voltage: <600V DC + Peak AC
1unit Power adaptor input 100~240V,50~60Hz,1A;output DC12V/4A,
Power cord X 1(country of origin determines specific type)
BNC caps, 3pcs for 2 channel, 5 pcs for 4 channel
alligator clips, 2pcs for 2 channel, 4 pcs for 4 channel
Flexible needle, 2pcs for 2 channel, 4 pcs for 4 channel
BNC banana lines, 2pcs for 2 channel, 4 pcs for 4 channel
User instructions
Certification of calibration
Packing list card
7.4V, 7500mAh detachable battery
1 X Screen protector film, 1 X Carry strap belt
Oscilloscope Handbag: Black Nylon