Corghi HD Service Pro 322 Tilt Back Tire ChangerCorghi HD Service Pro 322 Tilt Back Tire Changer


The Corghi HD Service Pro 322 Tilt Back Tire Changer is Tough – Rugged – and Reliable – with the best support behind it.

MAIN FEATURESCorghi HD Service Pro 322 Tilt Back Tire Changer

  • Air operating tilting of column
  • Mechanical balancing of tool-holder shaft
  • Simultaneously tool alignment with clamping by simply pressing a button
  • Double acting bead breaker cylinder “Square” self-centering chuck with rotation in 1 speed in both directions
  • Thermoformate carter for small obkects at the base of the column
  • Available with traditional inflation or T.I. bead insertion and inflation system


corghi 322 telescopic horizontal arm

TELESCOPIC HORIZONTAL ARM for rapid positioning of the head in relation to the rim. Tool Head with interchangeable plastic parts to protect rims.

TURNTABLE with two pneumatic cylinders capable of clamping any types of rim securely

BEAD BREAKING UNIT with pneumatic cylinder in stainless steel

ERGONOMIC PEDALS made of aluminum

Corghi 322 ergonomic pedals

Corghi 322 ergonomic pedals

HELPER 4FD. Universal multifunctional device for facilitating tyre mounting and demounting. (upon request)


• Filter-pressure reducer unit

• Tire lever



Corghi 322 4FD Helper


• Set of bike adapters

Life Time Support

2 Year warranty on parts

1 Year warranty on labor

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