2023 Toyota BEV bZ4X

In the Nov 17 Forbes article, Sam Abuelsamid discusses Toyota’s

Expectations for the FWD Toyota BEV bZ4X will deliver about 250 miles of range, while the heavier AWD getting slightly less range. It comes with a front-mounted 150kW (200hp) motor. Abuelsmid says it should feel sprightly due to the instant torque from the electric motor compared to an equivalent gas engine. An AWD version will have dual 80 kW motors. The AWD version focuses on improved traction. Studies show 3/4s of drivers  travel less than 40 miles per day, which will make the Toyota BEV need to be charged only a few times per week.

Both Panasonic and CATL will supply batteries for the Toyota BEV bZ4X.  “Toyota has learned a lot about preserving battery life over two decades of building hybrids and promises that the batteries in its BEVs will retain 90% of their capacity after 10 years of use.” according to Abuelsmid.

Cutaway Toyota BEV bZ4X  (c) Toyota
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