Corghi 650 Service Pro Wheel Balancer

Corghi 650 Service ProThe Electronic Corghi 650 Service Pro Wheel Balancer has a digital display with a completely automatic cycle and software compatible with all types of steel and light alloy wheels for passenger cars, off-road vehicles, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and scooters. 

Key Features

Corghi 650 Service Pro TrayDisplay and Weight Holder Tray

  • Modern and practical high brightness digital display
  • Ergonomic and spacious tray in highly resilient material for counterweights and work accessories

Wheel Dimension Acquisition

Corghi 650 Service Pro sensorThe Corghi 650 Service Pro Wheel Balancer has an automatic internal measurement sensor for measuring wheel distance and diameter. Optional EG1 electronic width sensor or manual internal measurement.

Chassis – Pedal Operated Hold Brake (Optional)

Chassis is sturdy and stable for balancing wheels up to 154.3 lbs.  Pedal operated hold brake facilitates fitment of wheel on machine and for application of counterweights.

Corghi 650 Service Pro Pedal

Hidden Weight

  • Program for concealing counterweights behind spokes for improved wheel aesthetics

Optional Flash

  • Program indicating wheel/tire assembly position to reduce overall wheel imbalance

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