Corghi HD Service Pro 640 Wheel Balancer

The Electronic Corghi HD Service Pro 640 Wheel Balancer with display is sized for cars, lightweight transport vehicles and motorcycle

Balancing Modes Available

  • Static
  • Dynamic on both sides of the rim
  • 7 ALU programs (5 statistical ALUs + 2 ALU P)
  • Dynamic balancing and Motorcycle ALU
  • “OPT flash” weight optimization
  • “Hidden weight” for ALU P programs for car wheels
  • “Split Weight” for motorcycle ALU programs

Key Features

The Corghi HD Service Pro 640 Wheel Balancer provides automatic balancing with brake at the end of the electronic cycle.

It has adhesive weights which can be applied in an ergonomic position at the operator’s choice. It also offers data acquisition with a manual sensor.

Highly luminous display with intuitive controls.  Easy to use in any conditions.

Large size guard casing suitable for wheels up to 43.7″ diameter.

Sturdy structure with built in three-point foot. Balancing of wheels up to 154 lb without ground fixing.

Large size ergonomic weight platform.

Standard Equipment

  • Wheel width caliper
  • 0,22lb (100 gram) weight for calibration

Optional Equipment

  • Wheel guard
  • PCM centring kit. Composed of 7,13″ threaded hub, cones and quick ring nut
  • Motorcycle balancing kit
  • Original accessories range for 01,6″ hub

Technical Data

Balancing Speed 150 ÷ 200 rpm
Resolution 0,0353 oz (1 g)
Average Measuring Time 7 s
Shaft Diameter 1,6”
Rim Width Setting Range 1,5” ÷ 20”
Rim Diameter Measurable with the Sensor 1” ÷ 35”
Max. Wheel Width (with Guard) 22.8”
Max. wheel diameter (with Guard) 43,7”
Max. wheel weight 154 lb
Power Supply Voltage